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Sep 15
How Can Online Casino Help Poker Players Improve?

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash There is a lot to be said for constant grinding in the poker scene as a way to get results. Some of the most dedicated players of all time, such as the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event winner Martin Jacobson, are renowned for their commitment and their non-stop practice […]

May 19
Why Can’t the Movies Get Poker Right?

Any serious poker player who has ever sat down expecting to see their favorite game being accurately depicted in the movies has surely been in for a disappointment every time. But the irritating aspect is that logic says otherwise. It should be one of the easiest things in the world to set up a realistic […]

Apr 23
How Does Video Poker Differ From Regular Poker and Where Can You Play it in Canada?

If you’re someone who plays Texas Hold’em on a regular basis, you may be interested in trying out different ways to enjoy poker. A lot of the best players in the business, including Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, often switch between different strains of poker to improve their all-round game. These legends have even been known […]

Mar 30
4 Poker Vloggers Who Could Help You Take Your Game to the Next Level

When you’re sat at a table trying to figure out the intentions of the players around you, poker can sometimes feel like a fairly lonely place. However, when it comes to improving and developing your understanding of our favourite game, one of the best things you can do is look around and gain a bit of advice and inspiration from others, combining expert tips and in-depth strategies with your own experience to come up with a playing style that suits you.

Jun 19
LLega el Big Game de Pokerstars a la Sexta TV

Por fin llega el Big Game de Pokerstars a la Sexta television. El programa con comentarios en español de Juan Manuel Pastor y Alfonso Cardalda se emite en horario de madrugada los sábados. En la partida de apuestas altas un jugador no-profesional y clasificado por internet juega con unos 100.000 Dolares que le da Pokerstar […]

May 21
Torneo de Poker en Antena 3

El torneo de poker en Antena 3 del pasado miercoles se presento con invitados del boxeo y del mundo del motorciclismo. Puede ver el resumen de Antena 3 Pokerstar por si te los has perdido. El programa de poker en la television Antena 3 TV tiene tanto éxito que va ya por la segunda temporada […]

Feb 05
La Sexta Poker Monte Carlo

Con La Sexta Poker a Monte Carlo – puedes ver el poker en la Sexta y clasificar para el Campeonato Europeo de Poker en Monte Carlo El programa de La Sexta PokerStars se emite el sábado 6 de febrero a la 1.30h de la madrugada. El campeontao de las Estrellas de Poker ofrece participar a […]

Aug 25
Speaking Of Playing JJ…This is Hilarious

If the link doesnt work just paste it/copy it into your browser…You wont be disappointed>

Sep 11
How to Become a Poker Millionaire with poker pro Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott

A new poker reality show debuted last week in Wales called “How to Become a Poker Millionaire” with poker pro Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott. Dave Ulliot will be training a group of young poker players and using his own bankroll to get them started playing online poker. The show will air for 6 weeks and the […]

Apr 02

Features cast dialogue from David Cross, Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell and more carefully placed between the songs as well as incorporated into the songs themselves March 20, 2007. Los Angeles, CA – Composer Stephen Endelman (O Jerusalem, Home of the Brave, Jawbreaker, Ed) reinvents himself once again with this diverse and original score to Zak […]