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Apr 29
Te clasificaste ya para de la television

Te clasificate ya gratis para de la television? Si no, estás en tiempo. han sacado una tercera temporada del torneo de pokerstar en la TV la Sexta En los freerolls diarios de la Sexta Pokerstars puedes ganar tu plaza al campeonato de poker televisado (los sábados a la 1.30horas de la madrugada) y de ahí el ganador […]

Apr 21
Tercera y nuvea temporada del poker en Antena 3

La tercera y nueva temporada del Poker en Antena 3 se estrena el 18 de mayo en la television. Los torneos gratuitos de clasificación al programa de Pokerstars en Antena 3 están en marcha desde hace una semana. Los mejores jugadores de los freerolls y lo sde 1$ asisten a la final quincesemanal y de ahí […]

Mar 07
Sound Does not Propagate in a Vacuum

The key point about sound waves is that sound waves must travel through some type of medium. The individual atoms or molecules in the medium vibrate to propagate the sound wave.If there is no medium, there are no atoms or molecules to vibrate and propagate the sound wave. The medium can be a gas, liquid, […]

Mar 07
Mens Accessories – At Tempting Rates

Accessories add to the dressing of men. Unlike limitless options for women there are very limited accessories for men. However when properly dressed and coupled with suitable accessories, looks and outlook of the men changes and changes for the good. The most popular of the mens accessories are mens scarf, handkerchiefs, beanies, caps, ties, belt […]

Feb 18
La Sexta Pokerstars TV Freerolls para la tercera temporada

En la Sexta Pokerstars TV puedes ya participar en los Freerolls de la tercera temporada del Campeonato Nacional de las Estrellas del Poker. Toda la información sobre como clasificar a la Sexta Poker tercera temporada en la guia de Poker TV También ofrecen está semana un bono de 888 Poker espcial con un Freeroll privado para […]

Feb 11
For Valentine’s Day

I think I’m in an abusive relationship. My gal is alternately an early Spring or late Fall day. Sometimes things seem to be going so badly between us it’s like I’ve been abandoned, all alone, on the center of Mille Lacs Lake in the middle of January. My gal will then come “pick me up”, […]

Jan 23
The Internationality of Poker

I was playing a No-Limit Hold ‘em Tourney on FullTilt recently and was struck by the international flair that poker has – especially online. It struck me as the first table I was at had me as the only American. The rest of the players consisted of a Spaniard, Croat, Australian, Greek, two Ukrainians and […]

Jan 11
Milestone Reached – 100 Episodes

In playing poker, most us set various goals or measure progress by various milestones. One might look at his/her first cash or first major tourney win as a milestone that changes their life or play. MN Poker Mag recently posted on the milestone of reaching one million page views. For us, it took a while, […]

Dec 29
If Music be the Food of Poker, Play on!

Music fuels the play for many a poker player, whether it be the iPod wearing bloke at the table or a shredding guitar coming over your speakers at the virtual felt. On the CPL Poker Podcast, we play our MN Music segment each episode – highlighting a song from a local band.  At the end […]

Nov 30
Antena 3 Pokerstars TV para el EPT Praga

Con Antena 3 Pokerstars en la television te puedes clasificar ahora gratis para el EPT Praga. Los freerolls de las Estrellas en Juego como se llama el éxitoso programa de poker en la television de A3 TV se celebran a diario en la sala de poker en linea. Los jugadores de pueden hacerse con un paquete […]