Milestone Reached – 100 Episodes

In playing poker, most us set various goals or measure progress by various milestones. One might look at his/her first cash or first major tourney win as a milestone that changes their life or play. MN Poker Mag recently posted on the milestone of reaching one million page views.

For us, it took a while, but we finally recorded our 100th Poker Podcast Episode this past Saturday. Post Production work is complete and Episode 100 – Part I (we needed to split the show into two) is now up at CPL Poker Podcast.

Thanks to those who were in the studio audience and those participating live via And, thanks to the many people that called in congratulatory remarks including – MN Poker Mag’s Phil Mackey, November 9er Jason Senti, Erik Jensen from Showdown Poker Gear and many more.

We hope you enjoy both the reminiscing and new segments – including a live two-song performance by Josh Engen of Parachutes Fail for our MN music segment.

Check out Episode 100 from the Upper Midwest’s ONLY poker podcast.


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