Arnold Snyder, Blackjack hall of fame member, world renowned gambling mathematics authority and poker pro is back with the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2006 title ‘Poker Tournament Formula’.
Cardoza Publishing, the brand that players have turned to for reliable, unbiased and accurate information for over 25 years are pleased to announce the International launch of their next bestseller. Over the years the world’s foremost publisher in gaming and gambling has produced a number of iconic titles and we are confident that ‘Poker Tournament Formula 2’ will prove to be as important.
Probably the greatest tournament poker book ever written, and the most controversial in the last decade, Snyder’s revolutionary work debunks commonly (and falsely) held beliefs. You’ll learn why so many players today think wrong, play wrong and lose. Learn how to completely change your game to get results. Snyder reveals the power of chip utility — the real secret behind winning tournaments — and covers utility ranks, tournament structures, small- and long-ball strategies, patience factors, the impact of structures, crushing the Harringbots and other player types, tournament phases, and much more.
Speaking about the book Snyder explains some of the controversy surrounding his analysis of Dan Harringtons Tournament Strategy. “I explain exactly where Harrington made his errors, why Harrington’s strategies are incorrect not only for fast tournaments, but for tournaments with slow blind structures as well, and why poker tournament structure, which Harrington ignores , is a key factor in devising optimal tournament Strategies”.
In this long-awaited companion book to Poker Tournament Formula, Snyder tears apart the conventional thinking on poker Tournament strategies, and reveals for the first time what the top pros really are doing. If you’ve got the heart and the guts—and with this book, you’ll now have the Knowledge—you may soon be able to join their ranks.
“There are few books that substantially increase a player’s chances of winning tournaments. This powerful work is one of them. I recommend you get this book.” —Doyle Brunson, Two Time WSOP Champion.
Poker Tournament Formula 2 by Arnold Snyder
496 pages 6 x 9, perfect bound
ISBN 1580422268, ISBN-13 978-1580422260
UK £16.95, Europe €24.60
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    January 23, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Dear mr arnold Snyder,

    Thank you for both of the tournament books. I would love for you to write a book on casino cash games. I made one mistake when I read your books. I actually read your second book first. It took my game from being a fish to being the shark at the tables, I then read the First book. It had alot of great info but I made the mistake of playing my cards above my image and position. Thank you for both books. I should be playing major tourneys within the year thanks to you.

    Thanks for all your info,

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    [email protected]
    January 11, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Correction to the first 2 sentences: tryly is truly, and Hones is Jones.

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    [email protected]
    January 11, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    For Arnold,
    I bought your PTF book #1 and it tryly has helped my game. I had been reading things from Hellmuth, Hones, Harrington, etc., but something about your advice clicked. Especially position play and your comments about wimps. I had been playing tight and aggressive, but waiting for cards too much. Also, I play in short blind tournaments that are largely crap shoots. Invariably, unless I got a couple of big hands early, I got to the final table, but with a short stack. And from there, I just let the aggressors knock each other out and tried to get to the final 3 or 4. Now, I often build large chip stacks or am out earlier than I was. At least I go down in flames. I’ve gotten a lot of high finishes, and won a few, but still have not made that big breakthrough. I’ll be heads-up and often lose to a suckout on the river. In fact, it has happened 5 times out of my last 6 heads-up when I got second place. I made the pot odds too high to call (flopped a straight on one and went all-in. He stayed on a J3 and got runner runner flush), and still got nailed.
    The other 4 were less than 10% shots for them and they got what they needed, and I just knew it was coming. One a lady tried to bluff me and I knew it. She pushed all-in, I called with a decent hand and she had 95 unsuited. You guessed it, she got a runner runner runner flush with her 5. It was disconcerting. The one where it was not a river suck-out was when it was getting late and we wanted to get it over with and pushed in our chips and I had the worst hand.

    So, how do you get past that? I don’t know any magic answer, and don’t like the feeling that I know the river is coming, and I feel really tight, tilted, then defeated, and lose confidence for a while. Maybe it’s Karma. I examine the tournaments I have lost and cannot see a mistake in the betting. I know you say (If I am talking to Arnold), not to talk about the bad beats, and to examine what you did wrong, but it’s tough when they don’t have the odds to call, or any business calling, and you get beat. I know that these things happen, but what mental attitude can I get to get past the barrier besides just knowing that anything can happen in poker?

    Paul McCreary

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