Poker games: Live vs. Online Sit and Gos

Online poker games are largely responsible for the popularity of the Sit and Go tournament format, a single table event (usually) that begins as soon as the table is full. However, there are casinos that offer live Sit and Go tournaments as well. If you’re considering a live Sit and Go when you are used to online Sit and Gos or vice versa, here’s what you can expect.

Live Sit and Gos Are Often Winner Take All
In an online Sit and Go tournament, if you are playing a single table, three spots usually get paid. In a live Sit and Go, you are often playing winner take all. Although in many cases, the last few players in a live Sit and Go agree to split the prize money, there is no guarantee your fellow players will agree to this. Therefore in a live Sit and Go, you may have to play much more aggressively, since there is no benefit to merely surviving this kind of poker games.

Live Sit and Gos are Full Single Table Tournaments
Online Sit and Gos offer a wide range of player numbers. You can play a nine or ten handed Sit and Go, a short handed Sit and Go with two, four or six players, or a multi table Sit and Go with two or more tables of players (at Poker Stars up to 20 tables). In a live casino, you are only likely to encounter the single table variety. If you wish to play more opponents, you will have to wait for a scheduled tournament.

Live Sit and Gos May Only Take Place during Certain Hours
Although while the Sit and Gos are running they may start at any time, most casinos only run Sit and Gos during certain hours when they have staff to organize them. You may have to show up at the casino between 11 AM and 5 PM to play a Sit and Go, for example. Online, by contrast, Sit and Go poker games are usually running 24 hours a day.

Online Sit and Gos Do not Provide a Live Casino Atmosphere or Provide Physical Tells
Just as with any live versus online poker games, the advantage of live play is that it allows you to look at and get a read on your opponents based on their mannerisms. You also get fully immersed in the poker atmosphere at a live casino, which may make it easier to focus.
Furthermore, there is often a limited player pool for live Sit and Gos, and someone who gets knocked out of one Sit and Go in a live situation may immediately jump into the next available one. This means you may see some of the same opponents in multiple Sit and Gos, adding to the value of your player reading abilities.


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