On Vacation From Real Work and trying to Make Some Real Money

Normally I have been posting after the weeks end, but I have been on vacation from my real job this week and have some extra time. Most of the week I have been babysitting our 11 month old, but I have been able to squeeze in couple multi table tourneys (MTT’s) in when my wife gets home from work.

Unfortunately my Sit-in-go “SNG” stats have taken a dive after being on a pretty good run over the last couple months. I pretty much expected a bad run eventually, but I’ve really faced alot of bubble outs and suckouts keeping me out of the money. Nothing much to worry about. I haven’t played enough sng’s lately to make the downturn anything out of the norm and I can tell I still playing well, or more importantly, not making any more mistakes than usual. If I was to give advice on downturns it would be to play smaller till the kinks or karma turn around and focus on where I might be a bit out of line.

This is exactly what I did and played a level below my norm and avoided over multi-tabling. It wasn’t a major thing and since I had some extra time I’ve been playing some rebuy multi’s and taking a percentage of my buddy T_dawgonu. We’ve both been running pretty deep into alot of multi’s lately, but unfortunately haven’t had alot of time invest in multi’s together. He’s made a few final tables as of late and won an Aruba WPT trip which he I think he leaves next week. The only problem is we keep getting deep and get busted out like right before final table or 6-9th place and keep getting so close to the big money that any other finish seems like a disapointment and this week I think he hit 2-3 final tables and I hit 2 final tables myself.

Again, I got coin flipped out 5th and 7th. I’ve also been on a great 10 game multi run: 38/232, 13/215, 128/346, 23/127, 7/191, 53/145, 10/45, 5/191, 27/158, and 18/193. So in the end I feel great about my play but need some better luck in the end. This week I signed up for an account with myspace. My login is under Donkeyherderpoker. Unfortunately some donk already has my name there. Yahoo also has a new blog account called bloglog. I’m leaving links on those sites to my blog which will help expand my blog.

Like most serious poker players I’d like to get a few ponsorship/advertising deals and as the blog grows and I keep hitting final tables things should keep rolling. I got an email from an advertiser this week so I expect to get the ball rolling over the next year or two. If anyone else out there who has experience in this dept. has recommondations let me know. I’m planning on starting to do some reviews on various poker subjects.

I’ve read and own dozens of poker books and plan on sharing a few of my favorites. One book I have is called “Tournament Poker and the Art of War”, by David Apostolico, which incorporates Sun-Tzu famous war strategies into sometimes corny but useful poker strategy lessons. Here’s a one for you: “If you know the enemy and you know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.”

In general for pay 30-33% Some 10 handers on Cake Poker pay 4 spots: 36-39% might break even, Over 40%=Usually would show a profit, and 45%+ Very profitableFor most good players finish in top 42% or better and most the multi’s I play are around 200-400 players so on average I should make a final table at least 1 in every 20-40 tourneysMay 08 – 118/283= 41.7% 12 Tourneys – 42/100 – 0 Final tablesJune 08 – 58/138= 42.0% 10 Tourneys – 39/100 – 1 Final TableJuly 08 – 86/183= 47.0% 9 Tourneys – 33/100 – 2 Final TablesAug 08 – 60/118 = 50.8% 9 Tourneys – 36/100 – 1 Final TableSept 08 – 38/97 = 39.2% (So far) 21 Tourneys – 31/100 – 3 Final Tables

(So Far)Good luck fellow poker players and poker followers. Please continue to pass on the questions and comments.



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