New Free Poker Strategy Ebook

Hi All

I have a new poker strategy ebook I am giving away for free. Please feel free to go get your copy at no sign ups or anything. All I ask is you come back here or send a testimonial via the website and tell me what you think. I also have free video training and all kinds of helpful poker info. I hope to help some of you think about poker a little different and become a better player. Thanks for any input and feedback.

Ian Winter


  • It’s so sad she got eliminated 100th place or so. I wish she went fahrter into the main event. I rather see Kara Scott or Lisa Parsons than that stupid bitch aka Tiffany Michelle make it deep. I dunno why Kara Scott pushed all in against Phi Nguyen with middle pair though. . I guess she got tired and bored that she wasn’t getting any good hands that she just pushed all in and wanted to leave since she was running short.

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