Most common poker mistakes.

These are the top ten most EXPENSIVE mistakes made in
poker… mistakes that YOU are probably making RIGHT NOW.

Let’s go through them one-by-one… and learn how to FIX
them immediately.

MISTAKE #1: Playing Too Many Hands

Most poker players are too loose with their starting hand
selection. You’ve got to stick with PREMIUM hands…
especially when you’re at a 8-man or 10-man table.

Quit limping in with bad cards in hopes of hitting something
on the flop. All those blinds add up… and it’s not worth

At an 8-player table, focus on playing hands like pocket
pairs, suited connectors, A-X suited, or two face cards.

Leave hands like K-3, J-8, Q-2, and 10-7 alone. Just fold
them pre-flop.

The REASON most people play too many hands is because they
want ACTION. They don’t want to just sit and there and wait
forever until they get good cards.

But if you want to win, you must be patient.

In fact… if you’re playing good poker, you should often be
bored. That’s right: BORED.

MISTAKE #2: Playing Your Position Wrong

Positioning is EVERYTHING in Texas Holdem poker.

Good positioning means you get to see what your opponents do
FIRST before you have to act. Based on their behavior and
betting, you can make an informed decision about what YOU
want to do.

Good positioning is LATE positioning. That means you’re one
of the last to act after the flop. The most IDEAL position
is the dealer (or button).

The mistake most players make is playing the CARDS without
considering their positioning. For instance, the way to play
pocket Aces in the big blind is totally different than the
way to play it in the dealer position.

And that goes for all starting hands… and all positions.

The basic strategy you need to know is that you want to play
MORE starting hands from a later position. And you want to
play these hands more aggressively.

Most of your bluffs should come with good positioning too…
because that’s when you’ll have the best read on the players
at the table.

In early positioning you want to play FEWER hands.
Especially when you’re immediately to the left of the big
blind (also known as “under the gun”).

MISTAKE #3: Thinking You’re A “Natural”

It’s amazing how often I hear someone say, “I’m a natural
poker player…”

What IS a “natural” poker player anyway?

The truth is, poker is an extremely complex and
multi-faceted game. It involves math, psychology, body
language skills, self control, performing under pressure,
and a ton of other things.

The problem with thinking you’re a “natural”– just because
you’re good at reading people’s faces or something– is that
it LIMITS your ability to improve.

No matter how good you are at poker, there is ALWAYS room
for improvement. And in each respective area of the game,
there’s ALWAYS more to learn.

Not only that, but poker has been around for a LONG time…
way before it started appearing on every TV station.

A lot of poker strategy has been DEVELOPED. There are
step-by-step techniques, tricks, and “plays” that you can
use to win more money at the tables.

These strategies won’t just “come to you” like a little
light bulb over your head.

Not a chance.

Instead, you’ve got to STUDY the game, talk to other
players, and be constantly LEARNING more in order to push
yourself to the next level.

MISTAKE #4: Getting Too Emotional

Emotional control is a big part of Holdem. You’ve got to be
able to “let go” and become unattached from the outcome of
the game.

The REASON emotions run strong in poker is because your
mixing MONEY, EGO, and CHANCE… all together.

It’s DEFINITELY a recipe for some strong emotions.

The key is to EXPECT IN ADVANCE that things will get
stressful and intense. EXPECT that you’re going to get
“rivered” and “sucked out”.

The reason it’s important is because if you let go of your
logic and start playing based on EMOTION, you’ll never, EVER

Avoid TILT at all costs. It causes more poker players to go
broke than any other phenomenon.

Stay in control of yourself and be “unattached” to the game.
Don’t let anything affect you… just remain focused on


MISTAKE #5 Playing The Wrong Stakes

The stakes you play is what determines the SKILL you play

And if you’re outmatched, nothing else matters… because
ultimately you’re going to lose.

But if you’re way better than everyone at your current
level, then maybe it’s time to “step it up a notch”.

Playing the RIGHT stakes is a delicate balance.

I’ve found the most effective way to determine the RIGHT
stakes is to calculate your profit per hour over time.

The difference in your “profit per hour” at a $5 Sit and Go
versus a $10 Sit and Go can be DRAMATIC.

But you may get WHOMPED at the $20 Sit and Go… and lose
your bankroll in a snap.

Here’s an important tip…

When you try to move UP in stakes, don’t be afraid to move
BACK DOWN if it isn’t working.

The action plan I recommend is to build your bankroll where
you KNOW you can win… then move up. If you lose your
bankroll, move back down and build it up again. Then move up
in stakes and try it again.

Repeat this process over and over and you’ll be continually
improving… moving up to bigger games and more money.

This process also LOWERS YOUR RISK. Follow those steps and
you won’t be gambling with next month’s rent.

MISTAKE #6: Focusing Too Much On The Cards

Always remember this principle:


Ultimately, the cards determine who’s the winner for a
hand… but that’s only when a hand plays out until the VERY
END and all cards are flipped over.

GOOD poker players hardly ever make it to that level in a
hand. Because they either force their opponents to fold or
fold because they pick up a read on their opponents.

The only times you should be flipping your cards up at the
end is when you KNOW you have the best hand and you’ve just
milked some sucker for a huge pot.

Get it?

The PLAYER you’re up against is what you need to focus on.
Not your cards.

Figure out his betting patterns, his habits, his tells, his
movements… EVERYTHING. And then play him like a fiddle for
all his chips.

MISTAKE #7: Being Too Predictable

Just as you should be studying your opponents, your
opponents should be studying YOU.

The biggest mistake you can make is become PREDICTABLE. When
you’re predictable, you can’t win at poker.

Because every time you get good cards, everyone will fold.
And every time you get bad cards, everyone will bet.


Bet strong hands a certain way for awhile… then mix it up
a bit. Do crazy things… bet odd amounts… make the same
pre-flop raise for both 8-7 suited and pocket 10’s.

MIX IT UP and kill any consistencies that appear in your

Mistake #8: Not Knowing When To Quit

Know when to get up from a table… it will save you a LOT
of money over the long term.

This is crucial when you’ve either just WON a ton of money
or just LOST a ton of money.

Because in either case, the tendency from that point forward
is going to be to LOSE. You’ll either lose your profits or
dig yourself in a hole deeper… but either way, it’s not

Losing streaks suck… because they take hold of some weird
part of your brain that virtually always PREVENTS you from
making a comeback.

No matter how determined you are… no matter how SURE you
are that your “luck” will change… it’s not going to
happen. You’ll lose more. So just STOP.

With winning streaks, it’s the same way. Having a lot of
“new money” makes it less REAL… and there’s a tendency to
lose it quickly on stupid moves.

So if you’re WAY UP or WAY DOWN in a game, just stop playing
for the day. Go back at it tomorrow, it’s no big deal.

MISTAKE #9: Not Knowing The Odds

Knowing the ODDS and PROBABILITY in poker is a standard
ingredient for success.

You can win some games just by being able to read your
opponents and “guess” at what types of betting decisions to

But ultimately, knowing the odds is what it takes to be a
REAL Texas Holdem poker player.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a “math genius” to
know the odds of a hand. There are a lot of shortcuts and
tricks you can use to calculate pot odds, hand percentages,
outs, and other important numbers.

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting Help

Like I said before, you weren’t BORN knowing how to play

You had to LEARN it.

In every aspect of the game, you’ve got to continually ask
yourself the question, “Is this EXACTLY what I should be
doing in this situation?”

The absolute FASTEST way to improve your skills is to use an
odds calculator WHILE YOU PLAY online poker.

TEXAS CALCULATEM is an interactive software tool that will
show you step-by-step what to do in each situation, based on
the MATH behind the game.

After using this amazing program you’ll develop an
“instinctual” feel for poker odds and math, which will help
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Your New Friend,

Roy Rounder


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