Laying Down Ace King On The Flop

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I have been inspired to write a little bit on AK on the flop. From most position pre flop you are going to raise with you AK, sometimes even call a raise or re-raise. You often find yourself missing the flop. How you play here depends on alot of things. If you were the raiser pre flop make a CB IF you think you have a good chance of taking down the pot. If you are in with a call station and get a check in front of you or think you can get a check behind you this may be a spot to check and try and catch up. Now if you CB and get a call or a re-raise slow down and procide with caustion. Sometimes you have to lay down the AK here to a re-raise. Sometime you can bet again on the turn to rake the pot but you have to evaluate the texture of the other players hands and how they play. Only bet if you are sure you can take down the pot. Have a reason for betting beside it is the thing to do CB. Just because you have AK does not mean you have the best hand.

Now sometimes you hit the flop. Top pair good kicker. Make you CB here and be bold. Bet to win the pot no need for any more action. Top pair with AK often falls to a straight if you let someone get more cards. Take the pot here. Now when faced with a re-raise again you have to evaluate why that player is making that move and with what cards. You should already have a idea of what cards they play if not you may want to give them credit for a hand and lay down. Now if you know them to make foolish all in moves take them down. Top pair is a good hand but dont get cought overplaying it.

Now somethime you hit a monster. Trips a straight what ever. If you think you can raise and get action raise. If you think the player will bet check raise. Your goal is to exstract chips.

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