Karl Wilde – It’s been way busier than normal

The South Dakota State Poker Championship takes place this week and it proving to be an extremely competitive tournament. Those over PokerBonus.co.uk certainly enjoy the goings on.

With a fantastic atmosphere as over 100 players competing for the $30,000 prize, it is a great tournament to play in and one to be part of.

Starting with 104 players, this decreased to 14 after a frantic time with lots of games going on. This really isn’t poker for the faint hearted and the adrenaline the players are feeling is what it is all about.

Speaking about the goings on in Dakota, Karl Wilde – who was one of many players knocked out of the tournament – said that it is a tournament that tests players to the limit.

He explained: “The players are all pretty knowledgeable. It tests you. It tests you pretty good. It’s been way busier out there than normal. It’s been way busier than a usual weekend in May.”

“It’s the biggest tournament in the state. And the title doesn’t hurt. You get to say you’re the state champion.”

“It’s pitted pretty smart players (against each other). You really need to be on your toes all the time. “It’s hard to bluff because they call you and just go all in.”

As for Wilde himself, he had a mixed time of it in this competitive tournament. He won five hands in a row at one point, but it didn’t help him qualify. There seems to be no doubt that he will be back next year though competing in the freerolls once again.

Will you be watching?


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    June 27, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Being a Yellow Jacket fan, I’m very happy as it’s a win in the ACC tournament, it gives them 20 wins so far and a sweep of the Heels who were deetnfily not their usual selves this year. Hewitt has been on the hot seat this season despite the fact that they have 20 wins because of all those close losses on the road and many feel as if Tech hasn’t played up to their potential with the talent they have on the floor. Their defense is mostly excellent but they turn the ball over too much and seem to have a hard time just throwing the ball in. Before the ACC tournament I thought Tech needed to win that 1st game or they were done along with Hewitt. Now I believe they will be in even if they lose the next game. But hey, let’s just win the whold tournament and get that automatic bid! Go Jackets!

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    May 22, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Who the hell is K.W. and why do I care!

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