How player types affect fold equity

I like the environment of a full ring game for numerous reasons. Firstly the average player types in this form of poker mean that I get greater fold equity. The mean average number of rakeback earning, multi-tabling, ABC regs means that a slightly more LAG style can do very well.

I know that with 100bb effective stacks then my opponents will not go past the 20bb-30bb mark without a strong hand. So once they commit more than 25% of their stack then their nuts to air ratios become very imbalanced. So their ranges are polarised when the big money goes in but when I say polarised then the weighting factor heavily favours the nuts and other strong hands.

Hand reading is much simpler in lower stakes full ring like at levels up to NL50. I know that the fold equity from weak type regs increases but I am still mindful of the other two key factors of fold equity and the attaining of it. These are board texture and the number of opponents. As an advanced aside then we could talk about meta game history but that is too involved. Against thinking opponents then you have to be mindful of your image.

If you have been playing LAG and you start getting three bet by the same player then you need to switch gears.

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