What are the hardware/software requirements to run PTM on my own computer?

PTM runs on Microsoft Silverlight, which is a browser plugin to allow feature-rich internet applications and cool programs online such as PokerDIY Tourney Manager! Silverlight is an exciting technology from Microsoft which is a lot like Flash, which you may have seen on the internet. You can read more about it here.

Once you have installed the Microsoft Silverlight plugin (you probably already have it installed as it is all over the web already) then PTM will load up automatically and you’re good to go.

This means that any computer, laptop or device (like an XBOX!) that can run a browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) can run PokerDIY Tourney Manager.

Of course, not EVERY computer can run Silverlight, which means it can’t run PokerDIY Tourney Manager. The easiest way to find out is to go to the PTM page and try and install Silverlight (if you can see PTM then it means you CAN run it offline) – the Microsoft Silverlight site will tell you if you have a compatible computer or not.

You can also see a Silverlight Requirements matrix here on Microsoft– this will tell you if your computer can handle Silverlight.

If you cannot run it, please let us know. We can’t promise we can help but maybe we can..


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