I have paid for my Pro plan – now what?

Once you have paid your PokerDIY account should be automatically upgraded to give you full access to all benefits on that particular plan.

However, every once in a blue moon there are integration issues with PayPal and they might not notify us that your payment has been successful. In this case PokerDIY might still think you have not paid – do not panic!

  • To check; view your profile and look for the label (near your profile pic) – if you see this then you are on your new plan and will have access to the new features.
  • If you don’t, log out and log back in to PokerDIY (sounds corny, but it works!)
  • Check your profile again to see if you have been upgraded. If not, then let us know.

Note: If you paid by eCheck then your payment needs to clear before you can be granted access (of course, if you need access urgently before it clears let us know and we’ll upgrade you manually).

If you are still having problems then let us know and we’ll sort it out manually (we’ll try to respond within 24 hours).


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