How do I download and install Microsoft Silverlight?

If you need to install Microsoft Silverlight (ie. if you cannot use PTM immediately and you get a message saying that you need to install Silverlight), just follow the instructions on the PTM page to download it. You can always get the latest here too. Remember that you’ll only have to do this procedure once (it auto updates after this) and this is as tricky as it gets, so bear with us please.

Depending on your operating system and browser it may download a file called “Silverlight.exe” or it may install it directly (which is a lot easier). If it downloads the “Silverlight.exe” file you will then need to run it once it has finished downloading.

This is as simple as finding the “Silverlight.exe” file once it has downloaded (you can choose where to put it when you stadownloading or it will go into your “My Downloads” folder if you have that set up by default. Then you need to double-click on this file to start the Silverlight installation. Follow the instructions and at the end you’ll be good to go (you may have to close and restart your browser). Go back to the PokerDIY Tourney Manager page and you should see PTM loading.

This is as tricky as it gets but if you have any problems let us know and we’ll sort it out!

Troubleshooting: If your browser is not recognizing Silverlight then make sure you have the Silverlight browser plug in enabled in your particular browser.


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