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Silver Link Advertizing Package

Use the power of the PokerDIY brand to send customers to your website with sponsored posts
$ 120 Per Year
  • 1 Blog Post with 3 Links
  • Links allowed in Game Ads & Profile
  • Article published on PokerDIY Twitter
  • Send traffic to your website

Gold Link Advertizing Package

All the benefits of silver + 1 additional link on a primary PokerDIY page in a paragraph of contextual text
$ 240 Per Year
  • 1 Link on a primary page
  • 2 Blog Posts with 3 Links each
  • Links allowed in Game Ads & Profile
  • Send traffic to your website

Banner Advertizing Package

Your business all over PokerDIY with Banner ads! This will get the most traffic to your site
$ 50 Monthly
  • Home Page Banner Ad (468x60px)
  • Side Bar Banner Ads (250x250px)
  • Horizontal Banner Ads (468x60px)
  • Banner on all 10 000+ listings

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Advertising FAQs

Can I promote my poker services (like Dealing)?

Yes! you can put in an ad for anything related to live poker! We have poker dealers on PokerDIY who you can hire for your next game if you want to be professional!

Just choose the Ad Type “Other Poker Services” when placing your free ad…