A Complete 2022 Guide For Playing At ETH Sports Betting Sites

The online betting industry has made many changes to accommodate sports betting options.  These changes are needed to keep up with the changing times and advances in betting.

However, a positive change that will forever revolutionize the sports betting industry has been the introduction of cryptocurrencies. 

Sportsbooks that work with Cryptocurrencies like ETH sports betting sites are leading the way in the crypto gambling market.

Aside from this, many gamblers now own Ethereum, further leading to its continuous use in betting platforms.

However, if you are a new Ethereum owner and want to try out ETH sports betting sites, our complete guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum(ETH) is the second largest digital currency used for betting. Despite not being the most popular digital cryptocurrency, Ethereum has been able to compete with the likes of Bitcoin.

For example, gamblers who have used Ethereum on ETH sports betting sites have rivaled its use to that of Bitcoin.

Seen as Bitcoin’s successor in its initial launch, Ethereum has been slowly gaining ground in the cryptocurrency market. However, many experts do not believe it would reach the heights of Bitcoin. Notwithstanding this, there are many upsides to betting with Ethereum. 

Benefits Of Betting On ETH Sports Betting Sites 

There are many reasons to switch to gambling on ETH sports betting sites. Therefore, here are some of the benefits bettors get from using these platforms.

● Fast and Secure Transactions 

Like all betting sites that work with cryptocurrency, ETH sports betting sites process transactions quickly. When making transactions, if a site takes longer to process or approve your transactions, the tendency for a customer to continue using that platform reduces.

In addition, these transactions are secure and cannot be interfered with by any third-party system. Furthermore, these platforms use 128-bit encryption, which is difficult to break.

Therefore, this high level of security helps to put the bettors’ minds at ease on these platforms. 

● Bigger and Better Odds

Traditional sports betting sites are fighting a losing battle regarding the odds offered by these sites. On the other hand,  ETH sports betting sites provide reasonable odds attached to their market selections.

Therefore, the profits gamblers will likely earn on these sites will be reasonably higher than on other sites.

● Multiple Market Selections

ETH sports betting sites are adding new market selections to their sites regularly.  Therefore, they have an extensive list of available sporting events for betting. Therefore, a vast inventory of samples is made available no matter the sport or the number of games being played.

Furthermore, this enormous list of options improves the chances of winning, putting any market selected and weighing its chances.

● New and Improved Bonuses

Bonuses are a way of ensuring registered customers continue betting on these sites, and they are also a way of bringing new customers. 

Many sites offer different types of bonuses, with some rewards specific to the kind of currency used on these platforms. However, all areas provide a prize, including ETH sports betting sites, which is a welcome bonus. However, the value of these bonuses is way higher than that of fiat currency sports betting sites.

Should I be Worried about Betting on These Sites?

Many unscrupulous statements about the legality of cryptocurrency betting platforms have been made, many of which are false.

Cryptocurrency is now referred to as a global currency because many countries have accepted its use for transactions.

Therefore, this also applies to its use on betting platforms. Therefore, depending on your country’s stance on gambling, there are no problems attached to registering on ETH sports betting sites.

How To Differentiate The Less Trustworthy Sites From The Trustworthy 

Punters should take careful thought and consideration before registering on a site. Some sites may not offer you the maximum benefits you can get from ETH sports betting. Some of the things to watch out for are

  • An E-gaming license.
  • Positive reviews from other customers.
  • Quality of graphics on their platforms.
  • Quality and speed of the Customer support offered.
  • Have various means of processing payments.

Steps To Making Payments On ETH Sports Betting Sites

There is not much difference in making payments on ETH sports betting sites from that of traditional fiat currency sites.

However, the steps may differ from location to place, but this is the general new gamblers can follow when making transactions. 

1. Funding your Crypto Wallet 

The most important thing needed on ETH sports betting sites is Ethereum. Therefore, gamblers must have the Ethereum currency on their crypto wallet. Players can get Ethereum sent to their wallets by simply trading fiat currency for Ethereum on any crypto exchange platform. 

2. Depositing Coins On Your Betting Account

After registering on any preferred ETH sports betting site of your choice, you can then transfer coins to your betting account.

Firstly, click on deposits from your bet profile, select cryptocurrency, and select the currency of your choice, Ethereum. 

Then copy the wallet address the site makes available to you.

After copying the address, go to your crypto wallet and click on send coin; paste the address you copied and click send. It usually takes less than a minute to process the transaction, and the currency is deposited into your bet account.

3. Requesting Withdrawals From Your Account 

ETH sports betting sites offer the option of Withdrawing via cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Therefore, for making withdrawals via digital currencies, click on leaves, then select your preferred choice of the coin you want.

After selecting your preferred coin, a pop-up appears requesting your wallet address. Input your wallet address and click on send.

Furthermore, withdrawals usually take less than 10 minutes to process, and your crypto wallet is funded. 

Top Sports To Bet On ETH Sports Betting Sites

These sites offer a wide range of sporting events for gamblers to place bets.

Therefore, gamblers are spoilt for choice when selecting games. It is wise to stick with your favorite or ones you have little idea about. Some of the popular sports these sites offer are. 

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • American Football
  • Esports and so on.


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