Full Tilt Poker sale approved by DOJ and one last hurdle

Its reported that the Department of Justice has agreed to allow Groupe Bernard Tapie to purchase Full Tilt Poker, however there are still going to be many challenges to be won before this deal is finished anytime soon. This looks like it is going to be a lengthy legal battle that could last for several years and not to mention the accounting nightmare which accountants have to deal with in order to chase the money trail. The DOJ said that the deal could be completed as long as the United States players were repaid all money that they are owed. Its estimated that Full Tilt Poker owes anywhere from $300-$450 Million worldwide, with a bulk majority of the money being said to be owed to US players. If the deal proceeds the next step to closing the deal would be to have the owners of Tiltware to have a majority vote of 2/3rds for the approval of the sale to be completed. Again, this would just allow the sale to enter another step, which would bring the sale one step closer to completion. Knowing how long the court system takes to move along, but with hundreds of millions of US dollars on the line for US citizens struggling with this economy, it would be best fitting to resolve this matter quickly so that players can get their hard earned money back to the rightful owners. No one, should want to see this drag out any longer then this paper trail to the moon, which reflects deeply on the image that greed is the true motivator for all vested parties, otherwise this would not be such an ordeal and those involved would understand that these acts cause more damage then doing nothing in the first place. Legalize online poker, tax it, govern it, and move on to more pressing issues within America and act more like patriots and less like thieves.


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