Five Classic Mistakes Beginners Make

For a beginner, the poker table can be like the Savannah to a wounded baby zebra. You will stand out like a sore thumb, and the fish will be salivating at the thought of holding a session with a mistake-laden rookie. So to help you get out of the game alive, here are three of the most common mistakes.

#1: Tilt

This mistake is silent and very deadly. It is so lethal because you won’t even know that you are actually tilting because you are a beginner. Tilt can come in many, many forms but beginners will invariably suffer from the form that sees them playing too many hands, whilst they chase their losses, only to be picked apart by the bigger animals. If you feel like this is happening to you, then get out of the game.

#2: Table Selection

Beginners are just eager to play. They have time and the time is now. This eagerness to get into the game means that you could find yourself totally outclassed and what’s the enjoyment in that? Table selection is difficult for beginners because they are not sure what to look for, but a good rule of thumb is to get the hell out of dodge if you are feeling outclassed.

#3: Too Many Tables

The difference in speed between live and online poker can often cause you to believe that online poker is boring. To compensate, players then add more and more tables to the action and before you know it the world is whizzing passed at a wonderful pace. Increase tables slowly and surely. Don’t add a single table until you are a proven winner playing the number before it.

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