Enterra Poker – Online Poker Platform if Updated

Greetings from Enterra Poker team!

We are glad to announce spring Enterra Poker renewal with Enterra Poker version 2.2 and tell the PokerDIY community more about our platform.

What is Enterra Poker?

It is a customizable poker solution for most users’ devices. The main features of the platforms are the following:

  • Buyers may run client server poker rooms, web rooms, social poker, mobile games. The list of games includes all the popular poker types: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Chinese poker, Badugi, Baducey and more; and tournaments: scheduled, freeroll, shootout, satellite, etc.
  • The platform includes server and back office. Social poker can be integrated with Facebook. Mobile apps run on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • The desktop client supports Windows and Mac OS X user computers. New native mobile application is set up to release in a few weeks. Now our customers run HTML5 application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Instantly growing Bitcoin and social poker networks allow to start poker business with almost no initial expenditures. Our Bitcoin Poker Network, launched in spring 2014, celebrates its’ first birthday, and we can proudly note that it is instantly growing. We receive new partnership requests daily, and today the network adjoins a remarkable number of successful and profitable websites with thousands of players. As Bitcoin becomes more and more common cryptocurrency, they will attract a greater number of poker fans.
  • Different purchase options: standalone poker, rent with or without rake commission, source code and more.

In new Enterra Poker version, released in the end of April, 2015, we introduce several exciting major updates and new features. Among them are straddle, anonymous tables, split prizes tournaments.

You may learn more about Enterra Poker on our website https://pokerdiy.com

And feel free to ask here!


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