Easily Learn How to Deal Poker for A Living

How cool would it be if you actually enjoyed going to work?

If you are currently out of work, or thinking of doing something different and love poker, then think about this for a second.

“Poker is hot and it is here to stay. Many call poker a recession proof industry as people always find time and money to play poker. Learn an in demand skill and have a recession proof job that can serve you well today and into the future.” – Dealer Training

If you don’t like the fact that you are not being paid for the amount of work you put in, then think about this…

“Poker dealers are often times paid in tips or tokes from every hand dealt, and most well trained poker dealers average 35+ hands per hour.

If you are tipped a dollar or two for every hand you deal, and sometimes even more, you can see how much money poker dealers can make dealing poker.

Oh, and we are not just talking about casino poker dealers either, and as a matter of fact some of the high stakes poker games at the casinos are some of the worst in terms of tips!

There is opportunity for poker dealers in every city and town in the country, and growing around the world.

If you want to deal poker at a higher standard, then we would like to welcome you to Dealer Training, The Professional Poker Dealers Training Course.” – Dealer Training

Now before you say, “WOW…$35 dollars an hour dealing poker?” Let me repeat that VERY GOOD dealers make that and more.

The average for someone just starting out would be in the 15-17 hands per hour range. I challenge you to find any other profession that call for no formal education and a starting pay of $15 an hour.

If you are looking to deal poker part-time for extra money, or professionally, then you need to deal poker at a high standard. The bottom line: Poker Dealer Training IS necessary.


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