Don’t Hate Alabama Because the BCS Flawed!

Don’t Hate Alabama Because the BCS Flawed! 1

There’s a lot of piss and vinegar on the web these days because the College Football National Championship game is a rematch between Alabama and LSU, This, ofcourse is mostly sour grapes from fans of the Big 12. Don’t hate Alabama because the BCS flawed!

I am an Alabama fan, and I hate the BCS. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad my team is in the big game, but if it were up to me the BCS would be gone!

The first step in getting to a playoff of some kind would be to make it a requirement that in order to qualify for the championship game a team must win there conference. I would support such a rule.

Don’t hate Alabama for being in the big game, the BCS made this mess, not Alabama! In 2008 the SEC commissioner put forth a one plus plan that was rejected by big 12 coaches among others! If I were an OKS fan I to would be pissed!

Alabama fans are stuck with the BCS the same as everyone. It isn’t fair. As far as the SEC bias I hear about from OKS fans I say BULL! In 2004 Auburn, an SEC team went undefeated and was left out!



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