Do you fancy playing poker on your ipad, iphone or Android?

Switch Poker have recently launched their latest ipad poker games where players from all over the world can play poker with each other and make friends through poker simply by using their ipads, iphones or Androids. What is so exciting about this new venture from Switch Poker is not just the great poker action but the great promotions that they have on offer as well like the “Aeroplane”.

This is where players can bring on board friends, family and contacts and be paid 5% of their lifetime rake. Not only that but any friends, family or contacts that these people bring on board then you are also guaranteed a percentage of their lifetime rake as well. This all adds up to a great package where you can build the Switch Poker community as well as your own bankroll and bank balance. Being able to make money above and beyond the actual tables themselves is key to being able to support yourself as a pro.

Imagine if you were making say $200/week from the Aeroplane promotion by way of other people’s rakeback and also making say $200/week playing poker. Suddenly you are making $400/week and if that is superior to your current income then making it as a pro suddenly got a whole lot nearer. This is how easy professional poker can be. It isn’t always about playing high stakes or in glamorous tournaments. If you play poker like me then you really can be a pro with nothing more than solid poker play and a little effort all in the comfort of your living room while playing iphone poker.


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    October 16, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    If you bought it then just sucbsribe to the forum, go to the working profiles forum and download a few. There are dozens of free profiles there.For more tables, open it, choose new window’ a few times, load a profile in each window and start each one and enter the table names.That’s the best part of this bot, you’re not depending on the programmer. It’s playing according to the script that is loaded, and you can just download other people’s scripts or make your own scripts.

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