Do you suffer from road rage? Do you find yourself honking the horn and shouting obscenities at your own windscreen if somebody cuts you up in traffic? If so then it is likely that you are a losing poker player.

You will get cut up many times during your poker game. The dealer may make a mistake, you may find an opponent berating you through every hand, or there may be a drunken fish at the table slowing everything down. All of these actions will create a reaction in you. If you suffer from road rage then your reaction will resemble that displayed in your car. In short, you will lose control.

One of the most important online poker tips is to remain composed. In poker, when you lose control, you lose pots; when you lose pots you start to lose money. Losing money when playing poker is not a smart thing to do.

So how do you retain control? The answer doesn’t lie in our poker game; the answer lies in our lives. We need to understand what it is that is making us angry when we are in that car. If we solve that mystery then we will be more likely to retain our composure at the tables.

Composure is one of the greatest strengths that a poker player possesses. It avoids cloudiness and promotes clarity. If a player is berating you then let his words fly over your head.

Refuse to allow them to affect you, and if you are really struggling just put on some earphones and drown them out. Remember for every action there is a reaction, so make sure their action does not produce an unruly reaction from you. That only results in a lack of composure; a lack of control.

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