Beware The Raise

It’s important to erect little picket fences in your mind and then slap a great big sign on them that says, “Beware the Raise.’ All too often Betfair Speed Poker players don’t heed this advice often enough, and this is especially true for tournament big stacks or people who have money to burn in the cash game circuit.

There are so many factors that a Betfair iPoker site player has to assimilate before making a decision whether or not to call a raise. Normally. The mere fact that you are considering calling means you must have some hand of note.

That or you really don’t believe the story your opponent is telling you. But all of this is extremely difficult to dissect in order to produce a decision. People get confused. They spend too much time in the tank and they end up reaching for the flip of a coin. If this happens to you then remember this.

“They have it more often than they don’t.”

If we can try and remember that your decisions need to be good over the long run then there is a serious argument to just muck your hand each time you face opposition in the form of a raise.

Ordinarily, you won’t be quite this severe and so you should have a handle on whether or not your opponent is taking too many liberties against your generosity. If, upon deliberation, you believe that your opponent isn’t taking liberties, then just fold and wait for a better spot.

There is always a better spot.


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