Best Poker Bonus – Bad Beat Jackpot

Any poker player with even a little experience of the game knows about and hates the words “bad beat”. These words bring back memories of those countless times when you started with a great hand, filled with confidence of victory, only to suffer an improbable loss against all odds.
Your Insurance Against Tough Luck

Best Poker Bonus - Bad Beat Jackpot 1

But what if we told you that we could give you insurance? That's right, insurance against bad beats.

We give you the Bad Beat Jackpot, for those hard luck times where victory just eludes you in spite of a good hand.
This jackpot would be paid out to those losing with a hand of four of a kind, 8’s or better on any of our real money hold’em tables (FL, NL, PL).

Bad Beat Jackpot Payout

Here's how you will get paid for losing from a bad beat:

  • Bad Beat Hand: 40%
  • Winner Hand: 20%
  • Rest Players: 10%
  • House Revenue: 10%
  • New Jackpot Seed: 20%

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