If you have seen poker on television or in a casino, or heard about poker online, you may have decided that it’s time to get involved yourself. Then you should set up your own poker game at home. What do you need to start your own poker game?

Get some quality supplies
To have a poker game, you are going to need cards and chips. Any standard 52 card deck will do; Bee and Bicycle are the preferred manufacturers of playing cards. You probably will want to have two decks at your poker game, with different backsides.

This will enable one player to shuffle while another player deals, so that no time is lost between hands. It is preferred that you use new decks with the seal unbroken until your guests arrive. This negates any possibility that the cards have been tampered with. You can use actual money to bet with at your poker game, but it is easier and more fun to play with chips.

Buy your poker gear online
You can order chips from a good poker specialty web shop, or if you are not too choosy, pick up a cheap plastic set from your local drug store. Check your favorite poker websites to see what other players use. Naturally, you will need players for your poker game. Between six and eight players is usually a good number. Too many more than that and there may not be enough cards to go around, too few and there may not be enough action. Keep in mind that some people may cancel at the last minute and others may have to leave early.

A poker game is a fun, social way to spend an evening. Try to make sure that all of your players are of roughly the same skill level and that the stakes are not too high, you may even make it a freeroll poker night. If the same person is cleaning everyone out each week, your poker game will dry up pretty quickly.

Other than that, set a date for your poker game and have fun!


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