A new start

Hi all, I’m new to this site.

I’ve been searching for a while a site to post some blog about poker without having to pay for a membership. So here I am 😉

I started poker almost 2 years ago. I was guided by my friend and was much into it. I started by depositing 50$ into my pokerstars account and played for a while. After winning some and loosing much, I focused more on my game and started grinding. I went from 2NL to 10NL. Withdrew some cash and got it back up and etc. So I stopped playing poker since last summer.

So right now, I want to really focus on my game and get higher in stakes. So I started back at 2NL with 50$ as usual (25 BI min per limit), played some and grinded it to 68$. I’m running about 5BB/100 hands which I think is a little low for 2NL on PS since the game are the fishiest out there. So here’s my plan, keep on playing 2NL till I get to about 100$, then I’ll still play 2NL but deepstack (since alot of ppl BI more than 100bb). Grind some more till I reach like 140$, then I’ll move up to 5NL.

Until then, I’ve got some poker to play, good luck all at the tables!



  • Avatar of rodders
    August 8, 2009 at 2:38 am

    hey Christ,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in your poker blog! I look forward to following your bankroll progress!


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