4 Habits of Highly Successful Poker Players

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We all have our tactics for winning in poker, some of which might have proven themselves in driving us to victories time and again. While these individual strategies and styles undoubtedly play an important part in success, we also need to realize that there are some overarching concepts and habits which all major players employ. Understand these, adopt them into your own game, and your odds at success could see an appreciable upsurge.

Keep Track of the Meta

No man is an island, and no person can understand the entirety of a game as complex as poker without any outside help. Owing to this reality, all of the best poker players in the world don’t just show up to do their job, they also engage with the community. Here they can learn far more than they could alone, and they can get a hand on tactics which they might use, or which might be used against them.

A great way to do this is to become active in online poker communities. While we’d obviously suggest a website like ours for a start, other active locations are well illustrated by online message boards like the forumserver.twoplustwo.com poker forums. Stay active in these threads, even if just as a viewer, and you might discover some ideas and concepts you can leverage into your play.

Review Wins and Losses

The best players are those who know that understanding your wins is just as important as contextualizing your losses. Whatever your results, analysis needs to be put over the range of your game, not just the standout hands. What made it possible for you to win, and what mistakes did you make when you lost? Was it luck or a missed calculation? Too often we let ego and wishful thinking get in the way, but once you get in the habit of dispassionate analysis, you can begin to see holes and brilliance in a way you might not have been able to before.

Practice, Practice, Practice

No matter how confident you are about your theoretical knowledge, putting that knowledge into action in the heat of the moment is something else entirely. The best players in the world have thousands of hours at the tables, as they drill their strategies into their minds until the point where it becomes second nature, as cam.ac.uk explains.

Stay Flexible

Once you have a game plan and some experience putting that plan into action, it can be tempting to rely on that singular style as the backbone of your poker play. This can prove itself a trap, however, as the best players need to get into the habit of internalizing different styles and approaches.

Poker is, after all, a very flexible game. As websites like 777casino.co.uk show, there are not just a wide range of different casinos catering to player’s individual wants and needs. Also aiding are the multiple variations of poker available, each of which can encourage different plans to maximize a player’s chance at success.

Source: PokerFace by prins3sa
Source: "PokerFace" by prins3sa

Taking these lessons in mind, the final element to remember is that different people will require slightly different habits. While all of the above tips are crucial, exactly how you engage these habits will be a question only you can answer. Experiment with what works and what doesn’t, on your journey to find a plan that best fits your lifestyle and psyche to reach your maximum potential.


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